Lose 7 kg in 14 Days: Diet with Cucumber Which Will Beautify Summer

Diet with cucumber is ideal for all those who don’t have much time to think what they will eat next.

The diet itself is implemented 10 days, but there is an extended version of 14 days in which they are expected to lose weight up to 7 kg.

Logically, the basis of this diet is salad of cucumber, which can eat whenever you feel hungry. Only you should not use many spices and dressings.

Other foods that should be eaten throughout the day:

2 boiled eggs or tuna 150g drained of oil or roasted white meat 150g
2 large potatoes boiled and 3 slices wholemeal bread
500g fresh fruit

Since liquids are allowed ordinary water, not sweetened tea and coffee without sugar. What is banned is alcohol, soft drinks and desserts.

With each meal or as a snack to drink clean cucumber salad or shake.

How to make salad of cucumber?

You need 2dl 400g cucumber and sour milk or yogurt. Optionally you can add salt and garlic.

How to make shake cucumber?

Place in a blender 1 cucumber with peel, several well-washed spinach leaves and 1 apple. If desired add ginger. Mix, put into a glass and drink gradually.

Example of daily menu

Breakfast – 2 hard boiled eggs and cucumber salad

Snacks – 5 plums, 1 apple, peach or other seasonal fruit weighing 200g

Lunch – wholemeal bread toast and a plate of cucumber salad

Snacks – shake cucumbers

Dinner – fruit by choice, not more than 300g




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